Still Best-Seller After 3 Years !!

March 8, 2011

Thanks to all of you, my 2 books “Setiap Orang Sales Harus Baca Buku Ini” (launched in 2008) and “Setiap Manager Harus Baca Buku Ini” (launched in 2009) are STILL in the BUKU LARIS rack after 3 years ! Amazing !

I guess it’s because the contents of the book are universal principles and “abadi”… Many people have told me that “Setiap Orang Sales” are “buku wajib baca” for all the sales people in their company. This book contains step-by-step guide to help every sales person to improve his/her attitude, knowledge and competence in selling, and to sell more effectively.

“Setiap Manager” is also the buku wajib baca for the managers and supervisors in many¬† companies because it give managers a step-by-step guide of the correct way to implement CHANGES in the team/company so that their sub-ordinates wanna accept and implement change.

If you/yr employees have still not read the book, you are THREE years behind your competitors !! No wonder they are selling better and managing more effectively !!

Go to Gramedia today and buy “Setiap Orang Sales Harus Baca Buku Ini” and “Setiap Manager Harus Baca Buku Ini“… TODAY !

….and psssst….. Tell your friends about the books !

Buku Laris


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