PT Garuda Metalindo Play Angklung In Closing Session Of Training With James Gwee

November 15, 2009

Saturday 14 Nov 2009 will be a special day for both the management, managers and staff of PT Garuda Metalindo, as well as James Gwee and his team of Associate Trainers.

Saturday 14 Nov 2009 signifies the end of a series of training that James Gwee and Associate Trainers had conducted for PT Garuda Metalindo’s managers, heads of departments, general managers, supervisors and staff…

The training concluded in a sound of HARMONY as the more than 100 participants eveyone, comprising managers, heads of departments, general managers, supervisors and staff PT Garuda Metalindo gathered togther at their very cozy Function Room for their final training session together… In the morning, they learnt on final lesson about Corporate Culture conduct by James Gwee’s Associate Trainer – Hendrik. After Hendrik’s session, Pak Erwin Wijaya, CEO of PT Garuda Metalindo explained and emphasized once agin the corporate credo and more importantly, explained the reason and “SOUL” behind each and every point in the corporate credo. After lunch James Gwee gave examples with video showing how to create an organisation where people work to high energy, passion and fun…

Then the surprise… Each and everyone was given an angklung, and some traditional musical instruments were brought on stage, James introduced Pak Yayang, the famous angklung teacher… And Pak Yayang brought each and every member of the PT Garuda Metalindo’s staff who were present on a journey of music… There were smiles of on everybody’s faces and spontaneous applause each time they finished playing a song… From Indonesian songs to “You Raise Me Up”… 1 hour went by so quickly…


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