Still Best-Seller After 3 Years !!

March 8, 2011

Thanks to all of you, my 2 books “Setiap Orang Sales Harus Baca Buku Ini” (launched in 2008) and “Setiap Manager Harus Baca Buku Ini” (launched in 2009) are STILL in the BUKU LARIS rack after 3 years ! Amazing !

I guess it’s because the contents of the book are universal principles and “abadi”… Many people have told me that “Setiap Orang Sales” are “buku wajib baca” for all the sales people in their company. This book contains step-by-step guide to help every sales person to improve his/her attitude, knowledge and competence in selling, and to sell more effectively.

“Setiap Manager” is also the buku wajib baca for the managers and supervisors in many  companies because it give managers a step-by-step guide of the correct way to implement CHANGES in the team/company so that their sub-ordinates wanna accept and implement change.

If you/yr employees have still not read the book, you are THREE years behind your competitors !! No wonder they are selling better and managing more effectively !!

Go to Gramedia today and buy “Setiap Orang Sales Harus Baca Buku Ini” and “Setiap Manager Harus Baca Buku Ini“… TODAY !

….and psssst….. Tell your friends about the books !

Buku Laris


August 20, 2010


To all management and staff of PT Toyota Astra Motor, CONGRATULATIONS ! You’ve achieved it once again! On behalf of all of us here in Academia, WELL DONE & WELL DESERVED for the effort that the whole team has put in. Your success is a true testimony that with top management commitment and great teamwork, all things are possible. May our achievement be an inspiration to every Indonesian that Indonesia and Indonesians have what it takes to be World Champions !

Once again CONGRATS and continue to raise the bar !!


Let’s Go To Holy Tour Together !

August 9, 2010

I’m so EXCITED that some of you will be joining me for this Holy Tour to Isreal 6-16 September ! If you still haven’t enrolled until now, please do so QUICKLY. This is my LAST REMINDER to you because all bookings CLOSE after 5pm on 19 Aug !!

Let’s travel together, learn together, experience the miracles together… We’ll also have lots of time to chat and discuss many topics… .I share my experiences and ideas with you, you share your experiences and ideas with me, and together we all learn frm Pdt Samuel Sie who is already SO EXPERIENCED in leading tours to the Holy Land

PLUS !! As a gift to those who r coming with me on this tour, ANYONE who registers frm now till 19 Aug 2010 will be given a COMPLETE set of all my CDs and DVDs worth a total of more than Rp2.000.000jt FREE !!

Seize the chance TODAY!! For detailed information, just sms to 081511001610 or just phn 021-6011121.

Let’s go on the Holy Tour together !

I’m already SO EXCITED and can’t wait for 28 October 2009 !

August 25, 2009

I’m already SO EXCITED and can’t wait for 28 October 2009 !

The seminar will be so POWERFUL and BENEFICIAL to ALL MANAGERS, especially those who will be involved in your company’s RAKER.

In one single day, your managers will be able to :

* Set challenging, measurable targets to SIGNIFICANTLY RAISE your company’s business performance in 2010

* Formulate winning Marketing Plans that are really geared towards achieving targets within budgets

* Know all the important internal and external factors to ensure that the Marketing Plan is REALISTIC and      WORKABLE.

* Understand the FIVE critical factors to ensure that the Marketing Plan is properly and enthusiastically  EXECUTED

* Use the Marketing Plan to monitor performance and to energize everybody in the team to achieve their  targets.

* Use the Marketing Plan as a ROADMAP for all actions and business decisions in 2010

* Really improve communication and understanding between managers of every department

Yes, it will be truly BENEFICIAL because this time, we are SO FORTUNATE that TWO of the BEST in the business world also be our guest speakers to share their wealth of real-world experience and expertise with you and your managers.

Bpk Budiman, Marketing Manager Garuda Food has so kindly agreed to take time from his very busy schedule to share with you and your managers his many years of experience in designing powerful and winning Marketing Plans. He will explain what critical factors you and your managers need take into account when designing a Marketing Plan, what critical information and data about competitors you absolutely must have and how to get them.

PLUS…  Bpk Firdaus, Head of Research Department, Binus Business School, will share with you and your managers the amazing findings from the whole world and especially from Indonesia – the FIVE critical factors that you ABSOLUTELY must do to ensure that your Marketing Plan is properly EXECUTED by your team !

So I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you and ALL your managers who will be involved in this year’s RAKER to attend this ONCE ONLY seminar

Date.   :   28 October 2009
Time.  :    0900 – 1600
Place.  :    Hotel Novotel Mangga Dua, Jakarta

Register 5 persons, the 6th person attends FREE !

See you and your managers and heads of departments on 28 October 2009 !

PS : Places are REALLY LIMITED because many companies will be sending 4-10 managers. So please make your reservation SOONEST.
For Registration & More Information,

Phone : 021-6011121
Sms    : 0815 1100 1610

Merdeka Indonesia & Congratulations Indonesians !!

August 17, 2009

Indonesia Flag

What a beautiful day… A day of celebration, a day of get-together, a day to spend with the family, a day to appreciate independence.

Ask any Indonesian and they’ll tell you that they love Indonesia deeply. But look at the highways at the “gerbang tol” and you’ll see all the little pieces of paper (karcis tol) thrown everywhere… Love Indonesia, but still throw paper everywhere to dirty the streets of Indonesia ? This “love Indonesia” behaviour is committed by lowly-eduated bus drivers as well as  “rich and successful” Indonesians driving luxurious cars !

Along the normal streets, you’ll frequently see “Aqua” bottles thrown our of car windows – from angkots to Alphards…

So Indonesians, on the day that you declare your loyalty and love for Indonesia, PROVE it with your ACTION !! Keep Indonesia clean… Keep the karcis tol, Aqua bottles and everything else INSIDE your car, not all over the streets of Indonesia.

Dirgahayu Indonesia !

Family Money…

August 10, 2009

Uang ,  Uang,  Uang…..

Mengapa sebagian orang bekerja sangat keras,  hidup irit,  rajin menabung,  tapi tetap hidup pas pasan. Padahal ada orang yang kerjanya lebih santai, tapi kok makin lama makin maju dan makin kaya

Hari Sabtu, 22 Agustus 2009

Saya akan bawakan sebuah

seminar keluarga “FAMILY MONEY”,

yang akan sangat berguna bagi


yang hadir dan ikut berpartisipasi

Pada workshop yang baru kali ini diadakan, saya akan bagikan sebuah rahasia…..


Anda , pasangan dan anak Anda akan segera mampu terapkan bagaimana rahasianya orang biasa bisa  menjadi

orang yang punya kebebasan dalam uang dan hidup sukses.

Jadwalkan waktu anda, pastikan pasangan anda, istri & suami beserta seluruh anak anda hadir.

Anda hanya perlu membayar sebesar Rp 395 000 SAJA.
Dan seluruh keluarga akan bisa hadir dengan GRATIS

Tempat Terbatas….,
Hubungi Tresia..             0816 931 785


Manajemen Perubahan – Strategi Ampuh Menghadapi Krisis

April 14, 2009

Manajemen perubahan jika dilakukan dengan baik bisa menjadi strategi ampuh menghadapi krisis dan keluar sebagai pemenang. Beberapa langkah bisa ditempuh untuk melakukan perubahan yang akan berdampak positif kepada usaha anda, antara lain

Manajemen perubahan di strategi promosi:

Kalau selama ini perusahaan anda mengandalakan promosi lewat media cetak, televise atau radio yang relatif mahal, coba mulai ganti strategi promosi ini dengan promosi online. Promosi online memiliki beberapa kelebihan dibandingkan stragtegi promosi konvensional. Promosi online biasanya jauh lebih murah dan jauh lebih targeted dibandingkan promosi lainnya. Salah satu tools yang layak dicoba adalah dengan beriklan di Google, dimana kita bebas memilih keyword, negara iklan kita ditampilkan dan masih banyak pilihan lainnya.

Manajemen perubahan di bidang operasional

Banyak hal yang bisa dilakukan di bidang operasional yang akan berdampak positif kepada bisnis Anda. Sudahkan Anda perhatikan para eksekutif sekarang mengganti kendaraan dinas nya dari mobil-mobil Eropa ke mobil buatan Jepang yang sekelas? Ini jelas sangat berdampak positif kepada keuangan perusahaan, tetapi tidak ada pengaruh negatifnya kepada kinerja perusahaan secara menyeluruh.

Manajemen perubahan di bidang keuangan

Di bidang keuangan, ada beberapa strategi yang bisa dilakukan agar bisa keluar dari krisis sebagai pemenang. Salah satu cara paling populer adalah manajemen di bidang cash flow. Anda bisa saja memberikan insentif kepada para pelanggan yang membayar lebih cepat. Hal ini jelas sangat membawa pengaruh positif kepada kondisi keuangan perusahaan secara menyeluruh.

Manajemen yang berani melakukan manajemen perubahan yang terukur dan terarah akan mendapatkan hasil yang sangat positif. Strategi ini akan membawa perusahaan anda keluar dari krisis sebagai pemenang.

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